Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to our revamped website.  We’ve been thinking about changing the focus of Cocoon for some time to concentrate on helping make women look and feel amazing about themselves.  We love it, and we hope it inspires many women to take time out and treat themselves to some ‘me’ time.

So, for our first blog post, let us introduce you to Cheska.

Cheska is the gorgeous (and brave) lady who allowed us to film her boudoir shoot for our ‘behind the scenes’ video.  Cheska isn’t a model, but just a normal woman who has curves like the rest of us, and wanted a boudoir shoot for a bit of a confidence boost.

We think she looks fabulous in these photos, and are sure you will agree!

Many thanks Cheska for allowing us to show your photos, for appearing in our video, and for your beautiful testimonial.

Boudoir photography Harpenden Hertfordshire

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