This week on our chaise…

is the beautiful Fox & Rose designer lingerie website.  Fox & Rose say of their site ‘[it] is the exclusive online destination for fashion-led luxury lingerie. Explore our edited selection of the most beautiful designer lingerie to be found, with sumptuous underwear, swimwear, bridal lingerie and nightware that reflect two sides to a woman’s personality: the seductive Fox and the feminine Rose’.

Whilst looking through the website, we were struck by the stunning lingerie from erotic lingerie label, Marika Vera.  Marika Vera is designed ‘for the elegant and modern woman of today, who has a natural approach to sensuality’.  

Marika Vera is pure sophistication, and the photography on the Marika Vera website is just stunning too – very feminine, and very sexy.

We absolutely love this Bella Bodysuit (above) priced at £200, or even the Cecilia Kimono (below) – how sexy and flattering is this gorgeous wrap? – priced at £395, it just oozes pure luxury.

As said Fox & Rose is an absolutely beautiful, ‘Fashion-led designer lingerie’ website, and well worth a look, for Marika Vera lingerie and for other designers, such as Stella McCartney, Elle Macpherson, Jenny Packham and even gorgeous swimwear from designers such as Pistol Panties.

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