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Back in February we met the lovely Tracey McAlpine who was planning on launching a website dedicated to the modern-day 50 year old woman.  Fast forward to July , and Fighting Fifty is no longer an idea, but a fantastic on-line magazine aimed at changing ‘The outdated image of a woman over 50’.  So many women are branching out, or starting something new in their 40s and 50s, and even 60s – it’s amazing to see the confidence that these women have.


Tracey says, ‘I have created Fighting Fifty for the women we are today.  Here you will find the best ways to look good, feel positive, stay healthy and increase your chances of living life to the full after fifty.  Older in years does not mean older in outlook and age is certainly no barrier to self-improvement’ 

In fact many women booking boudoir shoots with us are between 40 and 60!!

What we do notice when photographing maturer women is that their hands can sometimes give the game away, so when Tracey did a review on L’Occitane Brightening Hand Care, we were both very keen to read the results.  Read Tracey’s review of the hand cream here - suffice to say she will be buying more!

So, if you want to get your hands ‘photo ready’, we recommend giving this hand cream a go.  It was even voted Best New Hand Cream in the Beauty insiders’ Choice Winner 2012.

Do pop over to Fighting Fifty  and have a look round the website.   Tracey is even launching the  Fighting Fifty Club later this year.  ’Here you will find a community of likeminded women living a Positive Life, sharing and encouraging each other to take on new challenges – while breaking a few rules’!  In fact, we reckon that Fighting Fifty is fabulous for all ages, not only fifty year olds!

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