Alex’s gorgeous make over shoot

At the end of last year, we did a very special make over shoot for the most gorgeous looking girl you have ever seen.  Meet 17 year old Alex. Even Katy from Make up by Katy gasped when she saw just how stunning she was, and that was before make up!! Katy quickly set to work on Alex using some very subtle and natural make up. There is nothing worse than seeing a teenager looking older than they really are, and heavy make up is a definite no no.

We were very lucky insofar Alex has some wonderful grounds around her house which we duly made use of.  It was a cold day, but Alex didn’t mind at all, even when we had her climbing trees and crouching down in front of sheds!!  All in a days work!!  Thank you Alex for being such a lovely person and for making this shoot so enjoyable.  We hope you enjoy looking at these stunning photos of a very special person.

One Response to Alex’s gorgeous make over shoot

  1. Eliza Claire says:

    This is lovely! She looks so relaxed in front of the camera – which I know is hard to achieve with teens – nice job!

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