This week on our chaise…..

is Energie Fitness a club in St Albans city centre designed exclusively for women, based on 30 minute workouts.   They work with you to achieve the results you want with their  6-Week, Results Guaranteed, Programme . The club has a friendly, personal and relaxed atmosphere, with Easy-to-use fitness equipment and the help and support of personal trainers and nutrition advisors.

Ladies of all ages are currently members from 14 – 82!

St Albans GymEnergie Fitness is run by Callum and Charlotte, and unlike lots of gyms, you don’t have to sign up for a year’s membership.   They have lots of different schemes, including one day passes, six week programmes, bootcamp and even personal training.   They’re also a very sociable crowd, arranging monthly evenings out, normally to one of the many restaurants in the area!


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